Putting FAST
Back in Breakfast.

We looked at breakfast and noticed something interesting. Despite being considered the “most important meal of the day,” we either skipped this meal entirely or we’re wading through an endless sea of high-sugar or high-carb substitutes.

We decided to change breakfast forever. No more: “I didn’t have time this morning for breakfast,” or “It takes too long in the morning to make breakfast,” or “I’ll be fine with just coffee this morning.”

Ready in 60 seconds, packed with protein, low in sugar and portable, EGG BITES are here to make mornings easier…because breakfast shouldn’t be the hardest part of your day. They’re the simple, honest, better breakfast solution.

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High Protein - 20g per serving
Low Sugar - 1g per serving
Cooks in 60 Seconds

Your First Look At

Have you met the newest breakfast sensation? Just a minute away from a simply better breakfast!

There’s No
Wrong Way

Dress them up or have ‘em plain, EGG BITES can be made to fit anyone’s taste buds. Hot sauce or ketchup, avocado and toast, OJ or coffee, in the car on-the-go or at the table with a newspaper, the possibilities are endless.

60 Seconds
To BreakFAST

Breakfast can be fast while still being healthful. Ready in 60 seconds, Egg Bites are the bacon and eggs breakfast we all want but without all of the prep!

Cheese & Uncured Bacon Egg Bites

Start Your Day
The Egg Bite Way

No matter what’s most important to you at breakfast time – convenience, health, or taste – EGG BITES are the solution to your problems. Loaded with protein but without all the sugar, these fluffy muffin-shaped eggs are your 60 second breakfast solution.

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