Musubi 2 Ways with Bacon Egg Bites

Musubi 2 Ways with Bacon Egg Bites

by John

Ingredients: Spam, Smoked Salmon, Bacon Egg Bites, Toasted Nori (Seaweed) Sheets, Furikake Seaweed Mix, Rice Vinegar, Cooked White Rice. Musubi Press needed.

1- Slice spam into thin slices, and fry until desired crispness.
2- Slice Egg Bites into 2 or 3 evenly horizontal slices, and fry until cooked to 165ºF internally.
3- Mix warm rice with Furikake Seaweed, add a little rice vinegar to taste.
4- Lay sheet of seaweed on clean counter, place Musubi Press in the middle of the sheet.
5- Scoop a generous amount rice and layer at the bottom of the Press, and press hard.
6- Add a slice of spam, and 1- 2 slices of Egg Bites on the next layers.
7- Scoop more rice and layer on top of the Egg Bites, and press down hard one more time.
8- Remove Press, and quickly fold over the seaweed sheet to contain the contents of the rice, spam and egg.
9- For smoked salmon musubi, substitute spam with salmon as top layer, with no top layer of rice.
10- Slice and serve with Aloha.


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