Simple Dishes:

Real food fast,
not fast food.

Lunch is meant to be spent relaxing. You shouldn’t be rushing out to get food and then rush back to only have 5 minutes to eat! What if there was a lunch option that allowed you to spend your valuable time enjoying lunch to the fullest, instead of wondering where the time went.

Three Bridges’ Simple Dishes are here to be your quick and healthful lunch option. Ready in under 5 minutes, packed with protein, and made without all that bad stuff (low in salt & sugar, made with hormone-free cheeses and antibiotic-free meats), Simple Dishes give you back your lunch!

4 Simply Delicious Meals

Italian Sausage Ziti
perfect for lunch

Perfect for lunch
or a quick dinner.

packed with protein

Packed with

rBST-free cheeses


antibiotic-free meats


Break-up with
your lunch routine.

You’re going to want to swipe right on Simple Dishes, they’re a keeper!

You work hard,
Lunch should be easy!

The 5-minute solution for lunch that allows you to break the cycle of leftovers and fast food. Just heat, serve and start to relax.

Simple Dishes, available at these retail locations:

Simple Dishes, available at select retail locations.

Save Mart
D&W Fresh Market
Star Market
King Kullen
Family Fare
Search for Your Local Store

*availability varies by retailer and region

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